Scope Trainer 

BreatheSafe’s Scope Trainer has been designed to help train medical practitioners in the safe, comfortable insertion of endoscopes. This versatile, articulating model aids the development of practitioner dexterity for Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)/endoscopy tests.

Scope Trainer - Endoscopy

Features and benefits 

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, the BreatheSafe Scope Trainer’s unique design is available as both a standard 9-segment model, or a transparent 7-segment version for easier training guidance and assessment.

  • At 45 cm tall, it includes objective holes spaced at 50 mm intervals

  • The Scope Trainer features off-centre objective and lateral target holes within each 60mm segment, as well as small lateral target holes to allow the passage of implements and wires

  • The model’s individual segments may be aligned to give a straight easy route or angulated and rotated to provide varying degrees of difficulty

  • The Scope Trainer can be secured to a central mounting pre-formed base plate. After use, it can be flattened and flexed to fit snugly into the built-in storage compartment in the unit’s base

  • Lightweight and portable, the Scope Trainer weighs just 1.2kg, measures 260x380x65mm (including lid) and fits into a standard briefcase.

The 7-segment Scope Trainer Transparent Training model can be purchased separately, or in combination with the 9-segment version and it gives an external view of the route of the endoscope, allowing the trainer to offer guidance and assess skill level.

Breathesafe Scope Trainer - Endoscopy Training


Here are two videos. One shows the assembly of the 9-segment Scope Trainer and some of the basic routes that can be used for dexterity training. Additionally, there is a video that gives advanced routes and shows how to pinpoint specific target areas for further assessment.

Assembly & Basic Routes 

Advanced Routes & Target Practice 


BreatheSafe’s Scope Trainer is available in three purchasing options; the 9-segment standard Scope Trainer model, the 7-segment Scope Trainer Transparent Training model, or the combined package.

Scope Trainer - Standard Set

Includes base and lid, 9-segment Standard Scope Trainer Model and instructions for use

Scope Trainer

Standard Set

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Scope Trainer - Training Model
7-segment Transparent Training Model
(packaged separately in sealed plastic pouch)
Base and lid not included

Scope Trainer

Training Model

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Scope Trainer - Standard Set and Training Model
Includes base and lid, 9-segment Standard Scope Trainer Model, 7-segment Transparent Training Model and instructions for use

Scope Trainer

Standard Set and Training Model

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Please download the Scope Trainer Instructions For Use.


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